About Us

Goodness to Go Energy is a family business proudly located in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and run by Jessica with the help of her husband, Clark.  Although Goodness to Go Energy officially started in 2015, its roots date back much farther.  Clark's first experience with granola bars came while he was deployed in Afghanistan in 2010.  Often times, granola bars were a convenient hunger solution for a demanding work environment and Clark, along with many of his fellow soldiers, found themselves eating many energy bars a day.  At first, Clark thought the granola bars were great, but started to wonder what he was actually putting into his body after reading the mysterious ingredient list.  He learned that the granola bars were far from natural or healthy and were loaded with preservatives, ingredients he couldn't pronounce and nearly as much sugar as a typical candy bar.  

Three years later, Clark met Jessica, who one day made a batch of her homemade granola bars to share.  Clark was awe-struck by her creation, which tasted far superior to any granola bar he had ever had.  They were delicately soft in texture, tasted amazing and kept him going.  Equally as impressive as the taste were the ingredients, which were organic, dairy and gluten free and contained no refined sugar.

Clark and Jessica were stationed in Florida in 2015 and Jessica decided she wanted to try and share her granola bars with her community and began selling them at the local farmer's market. The response was overwhelming and Jessica and Clark soon found themselves spending late nights in the kitchen to make sure they had enough granola bars for everyone.  They spent many hours on the road making special deliveries and also found themselves shipping them all across the USA.

Clark and Jessica, along with their brand new daughter Quinn, returned to Canada in 2017, where Jessica was hopeful to share her granola bars with customers in Canada. She decided to start her business in her local community of Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia.  

Jessica continues to focus on providing great products using only the best available ingredients.  Her certified organic granola bars are ideal for anyone with an active lifestyle who need a healthy snack on the run without compromising taste or quality.  Some of Jessica and Clark's favourite ways to use the bars are for a breakfast on the run, a healthy snack to take on road trips, or as a nutritious bite to eat while hiking their favourite trails.  More often than not, they find each other in the fridge sneaking a bite whenever they're feeling peckish, because they're just that good!