Yarmouth All The Way!

We’re fortunate that we can call Yarmouth the home of our small business.  It’s a peaceful place surrounded by natural beauty and filled with talented, friendly people.  Here are our top 10 reasons why we love Yarmouth, are they the same as yours?


  1. Cape Forchu -The undisputed gem of Yarmouth County – a twisting, winding road with ocean and beach views on either side ends at a dramatic rock formation with a picturesque lighthouse perched on top.  But don’t take our word for it – Hollywood just wrapped up the filming of a movie staring William Dafoe and Robert Pattinson at this very spot.  I guess they thought it was a cool place as well!

  1. Beaches – Whether it’s the quiet waves of John’s Cove, the white sands of Port Maitland Provincial Park, or the raw beauty of Pinkneys Point, a beach day in Yarmouth with a picnic basket is a great way to spend any afternoon.
  1. Seafood – Being so close to the ocean has its advantages – fresh seafood, year-round. While the standard fish & chips is nothing to laugh at (always made with haddock, THE best kind of fish for fish & chips), you can find haddock in a variety of other tantalizing forms as well – don’t leave until you’ve tried the fish cakes, the finnan haddie, pan fried haddock, fish chowder, fish tacos and haddock burgers.  While you’re at it, don’t miss out on a traditional lobster boil, or the lobster poutine, lobster roll, cold lobster sandwich, lobster pizza, lobster slaw, lobster chowder, lobster pastries or lobster egg rolls. We want it all! 
  1. Beer – You’ll need something to wash all the delicacies from #3 down, and luckily, Yarmouth has upped its beer offerings considerably over the past few years. There are three microbreweries in Yarmouth, which all offer a different experience.  If you read the beer cans at Tusket Falls Brewery, they will tell you about local lore of years past.  Heritage Brewery, which is opening their new location in the heart of Main Street, has some of the best India Pale Ales we’ve tasted on this planet (freezing spray IPA anyone?).  Grabbing a pint at Rudder’s Brewery, while overlooking the harbour at sunset, is a great way to end your day or start your evening.
  1. Cafes – If you’ve overindulged in #4 (hey it happens when the beer is that good), you’re going to find a ton of fantastic choices to get your cup of Joe in the morning.Friendly Café Clark serves up locally roasted blends from their food truck, while made from scratch crepes and awesome coffee at Murray Manor Art and Culture House are sure to please. Try an epic homemade breakfast sandwich from Old World Bakery with a mug of java and your sluggish start to the day will disappear in no time.
  1. Emin’s Meat Market - We just love this place.  For one, it’s the only butcher for hundreds of kilometers and they’re the best butcher we’ve ever been to.  If you host a BBQ with meats provided by Emin’s Meat Market, you’ll win host of the year. The fresh sausage selection alone is enough to keep us coming back – Donair Sausage? OMG.
  1. Main Street – The downtown of Yarmouth is bumping with activity these days. A façade restoration project has also meant that the storefronts are looking really pretty.  New shops, restaurants and cafes have breathed new life into the downtown core and Main Street is a fun place to take a stroll, grab a bite and do some shopping. Twice over the summer the town transforms Main Street into a street festival and the area is also ground zero for the hugely popular Sea Fest (you haven’t really lived until you’re witnessed a mackerel toss) in July.   
  1. The Farmer’s Market – On Saturday mornings, in a historic building near the waterfront, you can find a lively farmer’s market bustling with friendly local artisan vendors and fresh produce. Some of the offerings include maple syrup, wine, beer, spirits, fresh bread, smoothies, locally made chocolate, jams and preserves, baklava, fresh fish and live music.  We love it so much we met there and eventually got married (true story).
  1. Getting Out On The Water – Nova Scotia’s slogan is Canada’s Ocean Playground for good reason. In Yarmouth, if you’re feeling like getting out on the water for the whole day, you can take the high-speed international ferry to beautiful Portland, Maine. If you’re feeling like doing something a little more local, we love Tusket Island Tours, where you get to experience the water from the eyes of a lobster fisherman. They take you to the Tusket Islands by lobster boat, sing for you, tell you tales of buried treasure and feed you amazing seafood! What more could you ask for?
  • Village Historique Acadien – East of the town in a village called West-Pubnico, you’ll find a recreation of an Acadian village from the early 1900s. It’s a fun spot to take your family and there’s plenty to see and do. Pubnico is the oldest Acadian community in Canada that is still inhabited by Acadians, who continue to thrive as a unique culture to this day.  Be sure to have lunch at their notoriously tasty café and get the Rappie Pie with molasses and brown bread, an Acadian delicacy! 

Those were our top-ten, how do they compare with yours? Sometimes we don’t appreciate what’s already around us, so this summer we plan on taking more time on doing just that in the Yarmouth area!              

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