Why Granola Bars?

Why Granola Bars?

Goodness to Go Energy helps with that pre-departure hunger!

 What made us decide to start a granola bar business? Essentially, we thought something was missing in our lives and we believed others might feel the same way. As a military family, we seem to find ourselves on the road A LOT. Every year it seems we’re on some sort of cross-country road trip from posting to posting and spend countless hours in airports waiting for connections to get home to visit friends and family.

It’s hard when you get stuck somewhere and you’re hungry. You’re at the mercy of whatever the gas station has to offer or whatever the overpriced grab and go has behind the security gate. We would often wander down the isles of the gas station half a dozen times looking for something that wasn’t a heart attack in a bag. We were never really happy with what we found by the time we made it to the checkout, it was always a compromise. Ditto for airports. Almost without exception, we found airport food to be terrible, tasteless and expensive. The poor guy in this article sums up the airport food experience pretty well!

Why did we always have to compromise when we wanted something convenient? Why couldn’t it taste good and also be good for you? We started making our own granola bars and taking them with us because we wanted to be able to eat well when we needed something quick and convenient (which seems to be quite often these days!) We also realized that we weren’t unique – we’re similar to every other busy person out there. We’re happy that we’re now able to share our granola bars with other people just like us and we hope you enjoy them too :)

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