Overcoming Challenges - Retail Launch for our Granola Bars

Overcoming Challenges – Our First Ship Day and Retail Launch 

Finally we’re here! Today we’re shipping out our first orders to our customers and delivering our product to stores in the area who will be carrying our granola bars. The support we have received since we announced our launch has been overwhelming and we are excited to grow our small family business!

Our first granola bar delivery in Nova Scotia - Simply For Life Yarmouth

 Starting a small business in a rural town in Nova Scotia has been challenging, as there aren’t as many options and resources available that you would otherwise find in a larger city.

 Our biggest challenge has been our packaging. There simply wasn’t anything to meet our needs in Atlantic Canada. A consulting company who specializes in the food industry couldn’t even turn up a solution for us. The first question from most packaging companies we approached was always “what volume do you need”? If that answer wasn’t something above 50,000 (not very reasonable for a new small business), they mostly weren’t interested in assisting us. After searching for half a year, we were lucky enough to find a fantastic company in Montreal called Produlith. Unlike the rest, they were genuinely interested in helping us as a small business develop packaging for our product. If we hadn’t had the fortune of finding them, we’d probably still be looking!

 A full nine months after we started searching, our packaging was finally delivered this April and we are thrilled with the result. As a bonus, our display boxes and our cardboard sleeves that wrap around our granola bars are made from 100% recycled fibres and are recyclable themselves.

 We’re always looking for feedback, so what do you think about our packaging? Is there any other info you’d like to see on there?

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