First Recipient - Young Women’s Grant For Entrepreneurs

This past month we were thrilled that the first young women’s grant for entrepreneurs was awarded to a fantastic person who is passionate about their new business and excited to see it grow in the Yarmouth area.  Sara Nikolic is a classically trained pianist who is the owner of Sara Nikolic Piano Studio, located at 43 Porter St in Yarmouth.  With an impressive educational background in music including a Master’s degree from the University of Montreal in piano performance and experience performing in masterclasses across Canada and France, Sara wants to share her passion of performance, outreach and music education with her students. 


Her studio is a great environment to teach someone the piano for the first time, or help students expand their skills.  Sara’s clients include people from the age of 3 years old to seniors who have the option of being taught the Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus, or more recreational style lessons.  With a baby grand piano and a professional digital stage piano, Sara offers her students the chance to be exposed to both acoustic and digital instruments.   

Sara hopes to use the $1000.00 grant to expand technology in her studio to allow students to record their work to track their progress and to install professional speakers for her digital piano, which would allow for duets and concertos.  She is also hoping to host student recitals, which will help her students to gain confidence as performers.

It was clear in Sara’s application that she is dedicated to her profession and wants to share her knowledge and experience as a musician with others.  She hopes that by teaching her students music, she will also instil discipline, determination, and creativity, skills that are valuable in any field.

From everyone at Goodness To Go Energy, congratulations Sara!  We couldn’t be happier that the initial grant is going to such a fantastic business with so much potential! To anyone who may be curious about learning the piano or honing their skills, Sara Nikolic Piano Studio is a wonderful place to learn from a consummate professional!


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