Designing An Online Store For Granola Bars – Lessons Learned (it’s easier than you think)

10 years ago the thought of designing a website was a daunting task – something that screamed degree in computer science or specialized college courses. When we sat down in December with the goal of designing a website for Goodness To Go Energy, we were intimidated with the task before us – intimidated because one of us had no formal training in web design and the other may or may not have earned a mercy “D” in their introduction to computer science course in university. In short, we both were lousy at computers language.

Fortunately, we quickly learned that in 2018, all the complexities and coding lingo you think of with webpage design have melted away. If you can read English, you can design a website!

Our first decision was to pick a provider for our website. There are a number of options out there, but we had heard of Shopify, based in Ottawa, who was one of the world leaders in e-commerce for small businesses. From there, it was a piece of cake! We quickly learned why Shopify had such a good rep – they make everything easy to understand in plain English – no technical jargon. Their process is step by step to get your online store up and running as quickly as possible. They had options for different design templates, but no so many to make it overwhelming. 

One of the benefits of designing a webpage yourself is that if you make a mistake, or want to change something, you can easily change it all by yourself instead of waiting for days and paying someone else big bucks to do it for you.

The BEST part about our experience with Shopify has been AMAZING customer service. The few times where we did hit a snag, their support team was there immediately with their online chat- no being put on hold or leaving messages.

Another great thing about Shopify is that you can manage and design your store from anywhere. We actually designed our store from a cottage while on family vacation in Southern Spain. We now manage it from our home base in Yarmouth, or from our smart phones when we’re on the road. All you need is wifi or a cell signal!

* Ground zero for designing our webpage - the alleys of Southern Spain

To sum it up – if we somehow did it, so can you! If you’ve ever wanted to start your own online store, it’s easier now that ever before.

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