Busy Moms Unite!

Everything that has to do with food - from purchasing, prepping, eating, or even choosing whether to eat at all, is a completely different experience after you have a child.

With me, it started when I was 6 weeks pregnant and the thought, smell, or sight of food wanted to make me cry… even dark chocolate! Yet, not eating made it even worse. If you’ve been through the pleasure (and horror) of being pregnant I’m sure you can relate. If you can’t, then keep reading because surely I’m not alone!

Fast forward to when the baby was born and I was not yet a “mom on the go” but as one of my friends perfectly worded it, I was a “mom on the couch”. You know, after the “magical” experience of giving birth, when you’re in recovery mode and glued to the couch because you’re unable to walk normally.  According to the research, your baby should be eating every few hours, which just so happens to be the EXACT time you want to eat… or wait, maybe that was just my own experience?

When our daughter was first born I made the switch from food making me sick to always being hungry. It wasn’t easy trying to get enough calories in me to be able to breast-feed when literally every time I picked up a fork to eat, it was our daughter’s secret signal to make a scene! Cue awesome husband to literally spoon-feed me all the meals. Did I mention we are a military family who were posted in Florida at the time, with zero family or friends around to help a sister out?

Following the spoon fed phase is the time where you wonder whether you’re ever going to sleep again (you will, friends, you will, and it is glorious!). “Nap when the baby naps” they said. I’m pretty sure every time our baby napped, I asked myself “Should I sleep, shower, clean, or eat?” I don’t entirely remember what I answered to those questions, but sadly for my husband, showering was last on that list! Yes we are still married! Ultimately, during this entirely new experience of being a mother I had zero energy to plan, make, or eat meals. Awesome husband to the rescue once again!  

Now our little one is almost two years old. Time goes by faster and faster. I am happily showered (most of the time), well rested (again, most of the time), and definitely have more energy to make healthy food choices. Still, I am a busy mom (as if any of us gals aren’t busy!) and running errands with a toddler always requires snack breaks to prevent meltdowns. All I know is when I’m in the car and I hear my little one in the backseat saying, “bite-y-bite!” (this is her made up code for “feed me now”), if I didn’t come prepared, my heart skips a beat!

Looking back, being a new mom wasn’t always all that bad. On the flip side of things, there is nothing quite like watching your child learn and grow. Every little discovery or milestone feels like a full-blown miracle. Suddenly you feel like your kid is becoming Einstein simply because they can count to 10!

Living a healthy lifestyle has been something that has been important to me my entire adult life, but never has it been so challenging since I’ve become a mother. It requires a lot of planning and it isn’t always convenient or easy. Some days I take care of my daughter all morning, and then when she naps, I do the household chores, make some business calls and send some emails. Before I know it, it’s mid afternoon and I haven’t had lunch and I’m famished! I know that it’s important to care for myself so that I’m able to care for my family and my business, and I know that it’s important to model appropriate behaviour for my little one who has her eyes on me all day long. For those reasons, I make the time to do what needs to be done so that we’re all eating healthy and getting out for fresh air and exercise as much as we can.

When we started Goodness To Go Energy, we would use our bars mainly for travel, hikes, and road trips. Since the birth of our daughter, our bars have been our main source of nutrient dense, tasty, on the go snack that we don’t have to feel guilty about eating. It’s convenience without compromise.

What has your experience been like as a mom on the go, trying to make healthy food choices for yourself and your family?

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