5 Fun-Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Maple Syrup

  1. Maple Syrup Could Protect Your Brain Against Alzheimer’s – A study at the University of Toronto showed one extract that occurs naturally in Maple Syrup prevented particular protein clumping in the brain, which has been identified as a precursor to the disease. Although more research is needed, is demonstrates further positive attributes of Maple Syrup on brain health.
  1. Maple Syrup Could Improve The Effectiveness of Antibiotics – New research from McGill University found that mixing phenol, the naturally occurring compound found in maple syrup that gives it its golden hue, with antibiotics, dramatically increased the potency of the medicine. In fact, by mixing the antibiotics with the compound, it required only a 10% dose to achieve the same effect. 
  1. Maple Syrup Is Loaded With Antioxidants – 54 to be exact. Research has found many of the same antioxidants in broccoli, flax seed and blueberries. What’s most interesting is that many of these compounds are found in no other natural sweetener, making Maple Syrup unique.
  1. Maple Syrup As An Anti-Inflammatory - Research conducted at the University of Laval found a molecule unique to Maple Syrup has anti-inflammatory properties and could be used in the future to treat inflammatory diseases, like arthritis.
  1. Canada produces 80% of the world’s maple syrup and exports it to 75 countries. No wonder the Maple Leaf is on the flag!

We love that we use pure, Nova Scotia maple syrup in all of our granola bars. We get ours from Hutchinson’s Maple Products in the beautiful Annapolis Valley. Life is better with Maple Syrup!

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